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Children & Youth Services
Economic Development
Emergency Services Network
In 2005, the Emergency Services Network (ESN) provided services to over 11,000 people. The ESN consists of 14 local churches that provide several forms of emergency services including food pantries, delivered meals and prepared hot meals. Each congregation has a core group of volunteers that organize and implement the program. Each church is responsible for matching grant funds with additional donations of food and money to help sustain and expand the program. SFLUM purchases food vouchers that are later distributed to the church based programs and provides checks to designated vendors for those programs that purchase bulk food. We also utilize the Daily Bread Food Bank and Stop Hunger, Inc. for low cost food purchases. In addition, SFLUM solicits canned food donations from local pre-schools, churches, and community organizations in order to support the food pantries. In 2005, we collected over 3,000 lbs. of canned food donations to restock network member food pantries.

Over 60 churches in Miami-Dade County refer people in need to the Emergency Services Network of providers for food and utilities assistance. ESN strives to connect clients in need to other service providers within the community to more completely meet their needs and help them move from poverty to prosperity. In the past year, ESN members referred clients to more than 20 local service providers.
Thanksgiving Outreach
Thanksgiving Meal Deliveries brighten the holiday for the needy by working with volunteers to cook, package and deliver Thanksgiving Meals. SFLUM has been serving the South Florida community on Thanksgiving Day for the last five years. In 2005, more than 240 volunteers prepared and delivered 1,350 hot meals.
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