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2010-2011 Capital Campaign

Due to the needs in our community, South Florida Urban Ministries launched its Capital Campaign in January 2010. Our goal over the next two years is to raise enough resources to fund two projects; rebuild Branches Florida City and renovate the South Florida Urban Ministries Community Center in North Miami.

The Capital Campaign’s goal is to raise $3,600,000 .
$1,000,000 has already been secured through the Building Better Communities Grant. Another $1,000,000 has been committed to the organization in the form of a Matching Grant from an Anonymous Christian Foundation.
This means that we must now only raise $1,600,000 to reach our goal!

Branches Florida City
Branches Florida City is a very special after-school enrichment program which serves at-risk children & youth, and also offers programs for adults.  Branches has become the local community center of Florida City, serving students and families through several programs such as mentoring & tutoring, homework help, enrichment activities, free tax prep, financial literacy classes, ESOL classes, food pantry services, bible studies and much more…
SFLUM Community Center
This former Lakeview church facility will be fully renovated and become the official South Florida Urban Ministries Community Center. The Center currently houses the United Way Center for Financial Stability, which South Florida Urban Ministries proudly operates and is serving clients every day. The Center provides financial stability services ranging from opening a savings account to homeownership. Once the Center is renovated, it will also offer a Branches program for the children & youth who attend elementary, middle and high school within the surrounding neighborhoods, as well as a business and student library, a computer lab and much more…
SFLUM Strategic Plan
Continued Rapid Growth
During the past five years, SFLUM has experienced an exciting period of growth refining priorities, developing new programs and expanding resources and capacity. In the process, SFLUM has steadily developed a new identity and position within the community.

Led by a small team of deeply committed staff, our children & youth services, economic development, and hunger reduction programs are transforming the lives of children, families and entrepreneurs through the power of education and emergency relief. The results have been energizing for volunteers, staff and clients.
Expansion Plans
SFLUM seeks to substantially expand the life-changing impact of its' services by meeting the following objectives:

1. Strengthening and Expanding Program Operations
By developing opportunities to replicate successful grassroots programs and interconnect the services to more holistically meet client and community needs and lead to life changing impact for hundreds more children and families annually.
2. Improving Organization Administrative Capacity
By both developing administrative and program staff to enable the growth and expansion of program operations as well as by strengthening the board of directors to ensure the sustainable, long-term leadership of the organization.
3. Increasing Revenue Opportunities
Increase the annual budget to match and sustain aggressive growth through traditional forms of fundraising (i.e. grants, contracts, fundraisers, direct mail, major gifts, etc.) and through the exploration of social entrepreneurship (i.e. income generating business ventures).
What are the Expansion Priorities?
As part of the expansion during the next year we seek to replicate a refined Branches tutoring and mentoring model for children in Broward and Miami-Dade counties, as well as diversify the economic development and financial services offered to low and moderate income individuals. Over the next three years, these expansion plans will lead to the development of several high quality after-school prosperity center sites which serve the multi-faceted needs of low and moderate income families.
How Will We Expand?
SFLUM management is actively seeking funding, partners and other support to strengthen the organization's programs and finances. The challenge grant will play a key role in our growth. Every dollar raised will be leveraged to multiply the impact of our services. If you would like to be a part of this growth please click here.
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